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Full Stack Engineer


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I have been working as a Software Engineer since 2014. I can introduce myself as a hard worker and a person with the skill of problem solving by providing innovative software solutions with newest technologies. I’m always excited of learning new things and practice my mind to improve my logical thinking. I’ve always enjoying the life as software engineer. In my point of view, passionate about coding and problem solving produces amazing outcomes. My purpose is not to doing just a job to earn money, but to doing a thing that I love to enhance my knowledge and doing it with all my heart in order to give satisfaction to those people around me. I will be able to assist you with a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions while retaining the quality of work.



  • Jul 2019 - Present

    RightApps (Pvt) Ltd

    Full Stack Engineer

    Full Package
    FrontEnd (ReactJs, Angular), BackEnd (Asp MVC, .net Core, Node Js), Database (MySql, SqlServer), Mobile (React Native, Android)
    Micro Services, Socket Communication,

  • Feb 2017

    Afisol (Pvt) Ltd

    Full Stack Developer

    Desktop Applications, BackEnd (Asp MVC), Database (MySql , SqlServer) , Mobile (React Native, Xamarin)

  • Feb 2015

    Enrich Arcane (Pvt) Ltd

    Head Of Development

    Desktop Applications, BackEnd (Asp MVC), Database (MySql, SqlServer), Mobile (Xamarin)




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